We work in partnership with all major private sector players to improve effectiveness of key economic sectors. Impetus Growth seeks to adopt digital technology and employ first class solutions for our clientele.


Vendor Transport Share

Transport Logistics require extensive planning, and at times transportation is a critical area that vendors often overlook until goods are ready for market. Vendor Transport Share App by Impetus Growth will allow perishable and non-perishable produce/ products to be taken to market timeously. 

High angle view of vendors selling a selection of fresh vegetables on a street market.

Farm Produce Value Addition

Business is not always easy; every business person found out along the journey; there are a lot of misfortunes in business. You learn to count your losses before products reach the market quickly. Impetus Growth Vendor Value Addition club is a strategy used to minimise the losses by adding value to products that could otherwise go into the bin. Fruits and vegetables will be turned into other products before they go off. Preservation measures are in place for some of the products. Add value, do not devalue.

Agricultural products of local farmers in the grocery market

Biomass Investment Scheme

Now is your chance to turn your misfortunes into small investments into the energy sector. To keep market areas clean, Impetus Growth came up with Biomass Investment scheme, which will be in the form of credit for the vendors if they could sell their organic waster from rotting produce to Impetus Energy. The credit scheme is in the form of cash to be deposited in the vendor’s account, depending on the amount of waste they would have contributed.

New coal and biomass powered plant

Shared Workshop Spaces

Business success is a game of numbers, encompassing the spirit of Ubuntu unlocks potential in everyone in business regardless of type and size. Some businesses suffer due to lake of the support structure, from space to operate and funding to market penetration. Impetus Growth understands these challenges and believes in the power of unity that businesses should run.


Call Centre

Business is not the easiest to run, especially when it does not have internet connectivity in this digital age. Communication is the lifeline of any business internet connectivity is a prerequisite to business success. Through leveraging the digital world, it is now possible for companies to remotely manage operations as long as it is done the right way.

Call center computers and headsets all in a row

SME Business Support

Small to Medium Enterprises SMEs struggle to survive in a competitive world, the idea of having a bite of the cake could be far fetched. Understanding the importance of these companies for the growth of the economy is the beginning of a productive conversation around the kind of assistance they require to grow. Financing is one major setback for small to medium enterprises, cushioning their activities with a small amount of loan is good enough, but that does not sustainably keep them in operation for a long time if that is not done the right way.

Growth or business concept

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