Biomass Investment Scheme


Biomass Investment Scheme

Now is your chance to turn your misfortunes into small investments into the energy sector. To keep market areas clean, Impetus Growth came up with Biomass Investment scheme, which will be in the form of credit for the vendors if they could sell their organic waster from rotting produce to Impetus Energy. The credit scheme is in the form of cash to be deposited in the vendor’s account, depending on the amount of waste they would have contributed.

Business can be unpredictable, especially for farmers or vendors, sometimes it can take a while to labour in the fields to make a living. Unfortunately, produce gets rotten for several reasons; market saturation of the same product, logistical issues including transportation to or from the market, this, however, should not stop green produce vendors or farmers from exploring other areas of investment through responsible waste disposal.

Biomass is plant or animal material used for energy production, or in various industrial processes as the raw substance for a range of products such as wood or forest residues, waste from food crops, horticulture, food processing, animal farming, or human waste from sewage plants. Vendors and farmers need to leverage such opportunities and invest in (IGE)Impetus Green Energy sector.

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