Farm Produce Value Addition


Farm Produce Value Addition

Business is not always easy; every business person found out along the journey; there are a lot of misfortunes in business. You learn to count your losses before products reach the market quickly. Impetus Growth Vendor Value Addition club is a strategy used to minimise the losses by adding value to products that could otherwise go into the bin. Fruits and vegetables will be turned into other products before they go off. Preservation measures are in place for some of the products. Add value, do not devalue.

Italy is well known to be one of the largest consumers of tomato powder; the health and wellbeing sector is heaving with demand for organic produce fresh and dried. There is no reason why a farmer should lose out through waste of produce through market saturation, or otherwise, this happens a lot when loss mitigation measures are not put in place from inception. Forecasting market behaviour allows for a farmer to plan for the worst-case scenario and adopt option B to survive the loss of income should produce fail to sell.

Value addition can be achieved in several ways, preservation of produce is another, this is achieved in various ways of drying such as kilning, sun drying, smoking to freezing, tinning. IG will be assisting the farmers in realising the value of their products through these tried and tested methods.

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