SME Business Support


SME Business Support

Small to Medium Enterprises SMEs struggle to survive in a competitive world, the idea of having a bite of the cake could be far fetched. Understanding the importance of these companies for the growth of the economy is the beginning of a productive conversation around the kind of assistance they require to grow. Financing is one major setback for small to medium enterprises, cushioning their activities with a small amount of loan is good enough, but that does not sustainably keep them in operation for a long time if that is not done the right way.

Impetus Business understands these issues, and they will be offering free consultancy services from accounting, filing tax returns, funding and others. The major advantage of Impetus Business, however, is our ability to bring in investors that could be interested in buying a stake in businesses that are struggling and those that can stabilise operations through providing loans.

We are working with banks and private investor that are willing to push businesses to succeed through several means. This kind of support is what small to medium businesses need to grow organically and contribute immensely to the economy of our country.

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